Think Theatre Think Forward

Big Heart Theatrical is Anne Hamburger’s production company that is spearheading the creative development and production of new plays and musicals for the stage, site-specific large scale events and multi-media experiences. Anne Hamburger has a 25 year reputation for putting people, projects and ideas together.  Anne’s entire career has been devoted to combining the auteur and the populist, making the impossible possible and creating work that is accessible yet adventurous and forward thinking…with a great deal of “big heart”. Big Heart embraces imaginative approaches to playwriting, music, design and technology while at all times insuring fiscally conscious business practices.

Under the banner of Big Heart, Anne Hamburger is shepherding new artists and ideas into the fold to help define a place for entertainment that is quintessentially 21st century.

She has the vision and tenacity to make the impossible, possible. Her approach to theatre in all its incarnations has been about combining storytelling with spectacle.